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Detergents and Cleaning Supplies

Truck & Fleet Wash Products

Power Eagle premium detergents are designed to work in conjunction with our line of pressure washers and yield quality results. Our line of high performance hot water pressure washers will remove much of the dirt, debris, oil and grease on their own. However, in order to produce the best results in a shorter amount of time, the proper detergent product is essential. Please contact us for assistance in choosing the ideal product for your specific application.

CARNUBA ULTRA WASH “an ultra premium vehicle wash with carnuba wax”

Looking for the finest vehicle wash product available? Look no further! Our Carnuba Ultra Wash is made using the highest quality components, and contains carnuba wax to give you that extra shine. Use Carnuba Ultra Wash on any vehicle safely including cars, trucks, fleets, heavy equipment and more. Safe on polished aluminum, glass, chrome, and all other surfaces.


Available in 5, 30, and 55 gallon quantities.

TOTAL TRUCK WASH “a premium wash, rinses clean, leaves a shine”

Simply the best vehicle cleaner we have ever used. Strong enough for equipment cleaning, yet mild enough for fine painted surfaces. Contains no phosphates or caustics. Water soluble and biodegradable. Used as directed, Total Truck Wash cleans without brushing and leaves a sparkling, wax-like shine on vehicles.


Available in 5, 30 and 55 gallon quantities.

TOTAL FLEET WASH “a high performance economical detergent for fleets & equipment”

We’ve crunched the numbers and figured out the highest yielding product for the money… Total Fleet Wash is it! Safe on all surfaces, Total Fleet Wash effectively removes road film, light grease, oil, and rinses clean. In order to offer the most economical pricing, Total Fleet Wash is only available in bulk quantities. Call for a quote.

Available in bulk quantities only.

SUPER TRUCK & BUS WASH “an economical powdered detergent”

The drum in a 50lb. Box. A powdered product that mixes with 50 gallons of water to make a drum of concentrated and all-purpose cleaner. Super Truck & Bus is non-caustic, safe, economical to use, and very popular with mobile wash operators.

Available in 50lb box

TOTAL TRUCK WASH MAX-PAK “mixes to make 55 gallons”

We took our premium truck wash detergent and reduced it to 7 gallons of super concentrated mix to help reduce shipping costs. Mix a 7 gallon MAX-PAK with 47 gallons of water to make a 55 gallon drum of our premium Total Truck Wash product.


Available in (2) 7 gallon pail quantities

Degreasers and Heavy Duty Cleaners

TYPHOON “a premium wash with some pep”

A heavy duty cleaning breakthrough! Real grease cutting power, without requiring a corrosive label. Water soluble, biodegradable, safe, when used as directed, on painted surfaces. 5 gals. can be shipped via U.P.S. without added hazardous shipping charges.

Typhoon is the “wave” of the future for serious heavy equipment cleaning. An environmentally friendly phosphate and butyl free product. Try Typhoon in place of the “caustic” degreaser you’re using now.

Available in 5, 30 and 55 gallon quantities.

TORNADO “the heavy equipment degreaser”

A moderately caustic, non-butyl cleaner, widely used for construction equipment cleaning. Tornado quickly dissolves heavy grease, diesel smoke, and grime. Tornado is also an excellent choice for concrete floors, food-processing equipment, suitable for cleaning livestock housing areas, or other general farm cleaning. This product does carry a corrosive placard.

Available in 5, 30 and 55 gallon quantities.

HD-MEL “maximum degreasing power”

Our most alkaline product. HD-Mel contains potassium hydroxide for ferocious grease and grime ripping power. It works without the fumes or soft metal discoloration problems associated with old- fashioned “caustic soda” products. Widely used for food service hood and duct cleaning. Quickly removes smoke from diesel engines, and even removes soot accumulation from fire scenes. HD-Mel is an excellent choice for equipment pre-paint preparation. This product is not intended to be used for vehicle washing, and care must be taken to avoid applying or over spraying finely painted surfaces. This product does carry a corrosive placard.

Available in 5, 30 and 55 gallon quantities.

BIO-C “a citrus based degreaser”

A truly impressive degreaser powered with all natural citrus surfactants. Use for degreasing engines, transmissions & other parts, spot treat heavy grease & oil. Works exceedingly well to remove asphalt and tar on paving equipment, and even graffiti & adhesives. Use BIO-C undiluted directly on the surface and be prepared to be amazed. Care should be taken when using this product on rubber, plastic & vinyl surfaces. Do a test spot before proceeding.

Available in 5 and 55 gallon quantities.

Aluminum Cleaners, Brighteners & Polishes

POLISHED ALUMINUM CLEANER “cleans polished surfaces, won’t dull the shine”

A mildly acidic formula, designed to clean and restore the shine to polished aluminum wheels, tanks, trailers, and all finished aluminum surfaces. Simply apply with low-pressure applicator, and rinse with high-pressure water. Polished Aluminum Cleaner restores that “just polished” shine without buffing. Safe to use, as directed, on all aluminum surfaces. Contains no hydrofluoric acid, and will not whiten, etch glass, or remove the existing polished finish. Now, at last, a polished shine without the work! Out performs similar products and cost less, too. This product does carry a corrosive placard.

Available in 5, 30 and 55 gallon quantities.

ALUM BRITE “cleans & brightens old aluminum”

A concentrated brightener and cleaner for unpainted aluminum surfaces. Alum Brite is a blend of organic acids and wetting agents formulated to remove corrosion, diesel smoke and atmospheric stains. May be used at up to 20:1 solution strengths. Safe on lettering and paint. This product will etch glass! Care should be taken not to over spray windshields or other glass surfaces. Do not use on anodized aluminum! This product does carry a corrosive placard.

ALUMINATION “shines, protects & seals aluminum”

A blend of high tech micro abrasives, cleaners and polymers to achieve a “show truck shine” Use this product to polish aluminum surfaces to a mirror shine. Alumination also seals & protects your aluminum so your shine lasts. Apply by hand or machine. Works best on clean dry surfaces. Use Polished Aluminum Cleaner to prep your aluminum before applying Alumination.

Available in 1 quart & 1 Gallon quantities

Specialty Products

POLY SHINE WAX ”seals & protects your finish”

A concentrated polymer spray wax, ideal for use on vehicles, campers, aluminum or vinyl siding, or nearly any surface. Pressure sprayed as part of the rinse process, Poly Shine seals the surface, beads up water and prevents future soil deposits from adhering. May be used at dilutions up to 800:1

Available in 5 gallon quantities

ROYAL SHINE “tire and interior dressing”

Use this product to bring a lasting shine to tires, bumpers & trim as well as interior vinyl and plastic. Royal Shine provides a high gloss, water resistant, long lasting finish.

Available in 5 gallon quantities

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