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Pressure Washer Accessories

Finding the best tool for the job can save time and produce better results. Power Eagle carries a full line of pressure washing accessories designed to do just that. Contact us so that we may suggest the ideal accessory item for your job. Here are some of our top selling accessory items.

Wet Sandblast Kit

The Power Eagle industrial sand blast kit is the fastest way to turn your pressure washer into a sand blasting machine. For use on almost any surface and with several different medias, our sand blast kit sets up fast and creates NO DUST! The kit is truly “plug-and-play”. Unlike other kits on the market, ours arrives pre-assembled and specifically preconfigured with the correct nozzle for YOUR pressure washer. We take all the guess work out of it. Simply quick-connect to your pressure washer hose and begin sand blasting.

Product Features

  • 25′ Sand Suction Hose
  • Sand Probe
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • Industrial Sand Blast Head
  • Adjustable Sand Feed
  • 24″ Wand
  • American Made 5000 PSI Trigger Gun
  • Quick Connect Inlet to Gun
  • Individual Replacement Parts Available
  • Max Pressure Rating 5000 PSI
  • Max Flow Rating 8 GPM
  • Ideal PSI/GPM: 3000 PSI @ 4 GPM or Greater

Culvert Thawing / Drain Cleaning Kit

Use the power and heat of your pressure washer to safely and easily free stopped drain lines or clear frozen culverts. These kits are used by city and town highway departments as a faster and safer alternative to old steam boilers for clearing frozen culverts. One man can quickly thaw a frozen culvert effectively with minimal exposure to the elements. Our flow control valve allows the user to start and stop water flow at the point of use, rather than back at the pressure washer. These kits are available in 3/8″, ¼”, and 3/16″. Kits are built to your specific length requirements. The most common kit is 3/8″ x 50′.

Power Eagle AC Series or DC Series units are often used to power the culvert thawing / drain jetting kits.

Product Features

  • 4000 PSI Rated
  • 250 Degree Temp Rating
  • Industrial Grade Flow Control Valve
  • Thermoplastic Outer Hose Jacket
  • Kit Quick Disconnects to Existing Pressure Wash Hose
  • 50′ & 100′ Lengths In Stock – 1/4″ or 3/8″ Sizes
  • American Made
  • Machined Stainless Steel Nozzle

Culvert Thawing / Line Jetting Kit

Faster – Safer – Easier – Smarter

Power Eagle culvert and line jetting kits are designed with user safety and productivity in mind. Our kits are available in 50 and 100 foot lengths (custom lengths available too) and in 3/8″ or 1/4″ hose sizes.  The specialized thermoplastic hose is lightweight and provides enough rigidity to allow for users to “push” up the line if need be.  This is something that cannot be accomplished with normal pressure wash hose.

Quickly and easily thaw frozen drain lines or under road culverts, free clogged sewer lines and drain pipes.

Downstream Detergent Injection Kit

A quick connect valve which is typically located at the hot water outlet of a pressure washer. Downstream injectors introduce detergents after the pump and coil saving time when switching from soap to rinse and back again. You’ll achieve the best quality rinse in a shorter amount of time and waste less detergent, plus you’ll change from soap to rinse right at your gun… no need to go back to the machine. Harsh detergents like aluminum brightening acid can be used without risk with a downstream injector. Also ideal for fleet or truck washing, house washing or users focused on achieving an ultra premium rinse on fine painted surfaces.

Turbo Nozzle

Take your heavy duty pressure washing to the next level with a high impact turbo nozzle. These ultra-impressive tools focus all the pressure to a single pinpoint jet which rotates in a conical pattern. This yields a high impact spray with excellent coverage area. Ideal for heavy equipment cleaning or degreasing, concrete and masonry, metal surface paint preparation, and many other heavy duty jobs. Our turbo nozzles are easily rebuilt, no special tools required.

Flat Surface Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning large flat surfaces like garage floors, driveways and patios, our flat surface cleaners are a must. Clean a 24” path in a single pass! These units are industrial grade and offer high performance along with long term durability. All our flat surface cleaners are hand built in America!

Vehicle Undercarriage Cleaners

One of the best selling pressure washer accessories we carry, the Bottom Feeder V2TM will extend the life of vehicles by removing salt, sand, grease and oil from tough to reach areas. The Bottom Feeder utilizes a full stainless steel, 4 nozzle rotating assembly that covers approximately 24″ of cleaning area. The minimum clearance height required is a mere 5 1/2″. With the new telescopic handle, the Bottom Feeder V2TM is quite versatile and maneuverable. Withstanding temperatures up to 250° F and utilizing almost any type of liquid chemical or acid solution the Bottom Feeder V2TM is a must for anyone interested in maintaining a clean, well cared for vehicle.

Gun / Wand Assemblies – Various Lengths & Styles

Most Power Eagle pressure washers come standard with a 36″ single lance gun / wand assembly. Some jobs may require shorter or longer wands. We carry single lance wands in 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 70 inch lengths. Dual lance wands are available in 36 or 79 inch lengths. We also stock many styles of specialty wands for specific needs such as gutter cleaning or flex wands to access hard to reach areas. All wands are industrial grade, and top quality.

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