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Wet Sandblast Kit

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$359.00 – $429.00

Wet sandblast kit by Power Eagle is the fastest way to turn your pressure washer into an industrial sand blasting machine. For use on almost any surface and with several different medias, our sand blast kit sets up fast and creates NO DUST! The kit is truly “plug-and-play”. Unlike other kits on the market, ours arrives pre-assembled and specifically preconfigured with the correct nozzle for YOUR pressure washer. We take all the guess work out of it. Simply quick-connect to your pressure washer hose and begin sand blasting.
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Recommended: 3000+ psi / 4+ gpm

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Sandblast kit - Product Features

  • 25′ Sand Suction Hose
  • Sand Probe
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • Industrial Sand Blast Head
  • Adjustable Sand Feed
  • 24″ Wand
  • American Made 5000 PSI Trigger Gun
  • Quick Connect Inlet to Gun
  • Individual Replacement Parts Available
  • Max Pressure Rating 5000 PSI
  • Max Flow Rating 8 GPM
  • Ideal PSI/GPM: 3000 PSI @ 4 GPM or Greater

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 6 in
Wet Sandblast Kit

Wet Sandblast Kit – $359, Wet Sandblast Kit w/ Extra Carbide Nozzle – $429, Carbide Nozzle Only – $80

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14 reviews for Wet Sandblast Kit

  1. Brian Guarco

    It’s awesome. Easy to setup and works with all the different types of media we use.

  2. Steven D R Reiter

    Works as it should. satisfied

  3. Dr. No

    This Wet Sandblast Kit is incredible! First off, I have done a lot of sandblasting using a portable pressure pot or blasting cabinet pressurized by a 25 hp air compressor. This rig is incredibly simple. It is very easy to set up. I have used it primarily to sandblast the interior of a 53′ aluminum sailboat. With a 5 gallon bucket of sand on the ground and a 4000 psi pressure washer, I have no problem drawing the sand about 12 feet high into the interior of this boat. It is very messy doing this in a small enclosed area, but far easier and safer than being in a dust cloud from using an air powered blaster.

  4. K. Muruganantham

    Very good

  5. K. Muruganantham

    Good results



  7. karl

    This thing is badassery in an easy to set up and use package,im doing a steel frame on a 24 ft dump trailer from Ill. and you can just imagine what the salt has done to it but this setup is cleaning the rust down to clean metal quick,thanks again,

  8. Garrett Adams

    Worked really good no issues

  9. Bill

    Thought this would work well to take off two layers of cracked/peeling Kilz (and an underlying 25 yr old colored paint layer) off a cinder block building. After 100 lbs of sand and two hours, a 4x2ft section was cleaned of paint. It sure does a number on the block though.

  10. Bill Brennan

    Just tested it out with a 3800 psi 3.5 GPM washer with both 40/70 crushed glass and 30/60 sand. WORKS GREAT!!!!!
    Can’t wait to get a chance to get more Black Beauty and try it.

  11. Bill Brennan

    Just finished using it to blast a 300 gallon steel tank with “medium” black beauty (coal slag) worked great!
    I’m going to wear this thing out!

  12. Brian Medolla

    This thing is awesome it was use to restore 1940s metal kitchen cabinets . Love how it is dust free.

  13. Zachary

    Just received mine today,

    I have a 4400 psi 4.2 cfm pressure washer and WOW .THIS THING KICKS BUTT.

    I chose this because I didn’t have enough amps left for my shop to run a big 4,000 dollar air compressor. So I did my research and found pressure eagle. They seemed for heavy duty than the other and it’s a complete kit. Just plug and play. I used black beauty coal slag (black bag) for the first try on a medium sized part for powdercoating … It took me like 30 secs and almost 1/2 the bag. Gonna try sand also later for a cheaper solution.
    Only thing I would say is ***more helpful information**** would be nice.

    Like size of sand or slag is best. And what can you put through and can’t.

    And a rust inhibitor recommendation would be great. I saw it flash rust almost immediately but I had some stuff ready. Plus it depends on your water source of course. But all in all great product and hope to start using it for business soon.

  14. Joe Vaclavik

    Worked great, with my 2600 pressure washer , at 2.6 gallons a min , I used a black diamond product very coarse stuff , it’s alittle bigger than crushed glass

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