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Think Power Eagle… Think Eco-Friendly

Zero Emission Hot Water Pressure Washers

Quality, durability and innovation have always been hallmarks of Power Eagle pressure washing equipment, but don’t forget to add Eco-Friendly to that list. We offer ultra high-efficiency hot pressure washers, like the Power Eagle HS Series, which are up to 98% fuel efficient. But, we also produce the SE Series which are ZERO emission hot water pressure washers. These units are “all electric” with no combustion or fuels needed. Electrical heating elements are used to produced the hot water instantly, while you use the machine. With the Power Eagle SE Series hot pressure washers you’ll see:

  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Simple and reliable heating… no fuels to worry about
  • Near 100% heating efficiency
  • No harmful exhaust or venting
  • No open flame
  • ZERO emission operation

SE Series machines are a great choice for users who need a high pressure, hot water washer, but cannot have open combustion or exhaust. Perfect for:

  • Food processing plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Municipal maintenance facilities
  • Military



These units are available in different electrical configurations, including 480 volt / 3 phase, 208-230 volt / 3 phase, or 575 volt / 3 phase. To make users more efficient, the SE Series comes available with full function remote control stations. These machines are also available with our exclusive Clutch-Drive Pump Protection for the highest level of durability.

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